Why Dual SIM Phones Are Useful 

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Until now Australian telecoms companies have not sold dual SIM smartphones and that is of course understandable. That has now changed with the launch of the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro which some companies are offering to their customers with an option for dual SIM. Many have chosen not to offer a dual SIM version and have stuck with only offering single SIM phones, but thankfully not all.

A few reasons

Until now Australians wanting to purchase dual SIM devices would have had to do so outright which is not ideal when phone prices continue to rise. Why do people want dual SIM devices? Well there are three main reasons someone would want a dual SIM phone. Firstly, they have a personal phone number and a number for work and want access to both without having to carry two devices. Secondly, they travel frequently and want a second SIM slot for a cheaper local SIM. Finally, many want coverage from more than one network.

A few configurations

Dual SIM phones can be a little baffling because there are a number of different configurations that are possible. The most common one has a single 4G SIM slot and one for 3G. That obviously means only on SIM is able to connect to a 4G network whilst the other can only connect to 3G. The term dual standby means both SIM’s cannot be used simultaneously. So, if you are on a call and someone dials the second number, they will not be able to reach you. This is only important in terms of phone calls, and how many of us make those these days?

Dual active

There is a second configuration that is much less common is known as dual active configuration which means both SIM’s are operating simultaneously. Both devices from Huawei, the P30 and P30 Pro are dual active devices with 2 4G SIM slots. If you do decide to purchase one of the Huawei devices on contract, you can get the second SIM on no contract.