Some Bold Predictions For iPhone In 2019

iPhone X gigabit LTE

Ming-Chi Kuo who is arguably the most reliable of all Apple analysts when it comes to making predictions says that this year’s line-up of iPhones will have a range of new features, most notably a triple-rear camera set-up. According to Mr Kuo, this year’s iPhone models will also have the latest connectivity bands that will deliver indoor positioning and navigation with more precision. He also thinks that 2019’s iPhones will also have bilateral wireless charging features that will allow users to charge other iOS products.

Triple-rear camera and bilateral charging

The new charging feature should allow iPhone owners to charge devices such as AirPod earbuds using a similar concept to that adopted by Huawei with its Mate 20 Pro which has the ability to charge other smartphones. The main prediction however, is that this year’s iPhone models will have a triple-rear camera setup. Mr Kuo did not specify exactly which model will have the set-up, but some reports speculate it is likely to be the premium iPhone 11 Max.


This prediction is consistent with a recent report in Bloomberg which claims Apple intends to include a 3D camera in at least one iPhone model this year. The inclusion of a 3D camera is meant to improve the iPhone’s augmented reality capability with more precise depth perception and better bokeh effects. According to the report, Apple is apparently sourcing the sensors from Sony which has already started mass production of both rear and front-facing 3D camera modules.

Better facial recognition and bigger batteries

Another important update Mr Kuo says will happen will be to Face ID. Mr Kuo says the facial recognition technology will be upgraded to take advantage of a high-power flood illuminator which should make it more usable in low-light conditions. Other new features expected in this year’s iPhone models include a more premium frosted glass casing which is similar to what is available on Google’s Pixel 3 as well as bigger batteries.

Less expensive iPhone XR

Apple is likely to continue with the tradition of releasing three new iPhone models this year. In 2019 however, the new iPhones will all have a similar form factor whilst the less expensive iPhone XR successor will feature an LCD panel instead of the more premium OLED panel. This is likely to allow Apple to make the 2019 version of the iPhone XR available to consumers at a much lower price point and capture a greater share of the budget market.