Social Media Continues To Dominate Australian Online Behaviour


According to the latest research from Hootsuite, Facebook continues to be the most popular social media platform in Australia. The Digital 2019 report which looks at social media use across 230 countries indicates that social media use continues to increase in Australia. 18 million people or 72 per cent of the entire population of Australia use one of the social media platforms. In 2017 the percentage stood at 66 per cent. Facebook is first amongst equals and is the most popular social media platform with 16 million monthly active users.

Facebook is dominant

That Facebook remains number one is surprising given the number of issues it faced last year. In Australia Twitter and Snapchat continue to fall behind in the race to attract advertisers in Australia. Twitter saw its advertising audience fall by 2.3 per cent whilst Snap saw a steep decline of 14 per cent. Australians spend on average of 90 minutes every day scrolling through social media feeds. A Hootsuite spokesperson said that whilst social media experienced diminishing levels of trust amongst users last year, people all over the world are spending an increasing amount of time on social with a daily average consumption of two hours and 16 minutes or one seventh of every waking hour.

The mobile economy is robust

Last year Australians spent $1.776 billion downloading almost 750 million app. The highest app revenue was generated by Tinder. The four most used mobile apps in Australia are all Facebook owned (Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp). The report also found that more Australians have the CommBank app installed on their phones than either Netflix or Uber suggesting the growing trend of an increasingly digitalised daily life.

Online shopping continues to rise

Australian businesses are increasingly leveraging social media to connect with customers especially in the e-commerce space. Last year Australians spent the most amount of money online purchasing consumer goods that has ever been recording. Australians spent a $25.89 billion last year, representing a whopping 22 per cent increase from the previous year. Online shopping in Australia is extremely popular with the eBay the 7th most visited website in the country, Gumtree 12th and Amazon 18th.