Mobile Internet Outperforms Broadband In Australia 

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It is no secret that Australian mobile data speeds are amongst the fastest in the world whilst fixed line broadband leaves much to be desired. The latest data sheds new light on the experience of surfing the internet on computer or television. According to Point Topic a broadband market analytics company based in the UK, Australian broadband costs for entry level plans are the least affordable amongst developed countries.

Ranked 67

Australia ranked 67 out 83 countries but after filtering the list and only including OECD countries, Australia ranked last. A spokesperson for the Labor party said the government needs to investigate how to improve Australia’s ranking. Ookla also recently published a report which ranked Australia 62 in terms of broadband speeds with Singapore top of the list at 199.62Mbps followed by Hong Kong, Monaco and Romania.

Many countries do better

States like Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Trinidad and Tobago have faster broadband speeds which for a country like Australia is very unfortunately. A survey published by Akamai in 2017 ranked Australia 50 in the world for internet speeds with an average speed of 11.1 megabits per second. To get a sense of context, that year South Korea topped the list with 28.6Mbps, Norway was second with 23.5Mbps and Sweden in third place with 22.5 Mbps.

Mobile is the way to go

Australia remains one of the best performed when it comes to mobile internet speeds, ranking 5th globally behind Norway, Canada, Qatar and the Netherlands.  The next time you have to buffer YouTube or Netflix, you should know you are not alone with many people across the country dealing with the same issue.