Mobile Broadband Is A Good Alternative To Fixed Line Broadband 

iPhone X gigabit LTE

There used to be only two kinds of mobile plans, one which gave subscribers very limited data allowances and the other extremely expensive. Fortunately, in Australia, those days are well behind us now. For those who need a definition, mobile broadband, as its name suggests, is an internet service delivered over mobile networks. Over the last few months the cost of 4G mobile broadband plans have been falling steadily whilst data allowances have been becoming more generous.

The trend is your friend

The result of that trend is quite clear, it is now possible to subscribe to a 100GB a month of data for just $60. Obviously, that will not suit every type of user, in particular online gamers, that should be more than enough for the average family’s streaming and download demands. If you are presently hooked up to a less than optimal fibre-to-the-node connection, mobile plans are a genuine alternative.

A few plans available

The viability of that alternative of course depends on how close your location is to the nearest mobile tower. In general, however, speeds are most certainly improving. As far as customer service, reliability and value for money, some of the mobile plans starting at $65 per month offered by major telecoms providers.

Monitor usage

Some of these plans also come bundled with $192 4G Plus Wi-Fi modem for customers signing up to a 24-month contract. Remember though, that once the data allowance is exceeded, customers will be charged for excess data usually billed in ten gigabyte increments. This means if you do subscribe, it is essential to use an internet monitor with these kinds of plans.