iPhone 11 Review 

iPhone 11 Review 

Apple’s latest low-cost smartphone, the iPhone 11 is being positioned to appeal the broader market and is less expensive than last year’s iPhone XR when that model was launched. No surprises both look alike on the outside, weighing the same and are the same size. The big difference is the new dual camera system. The iPhone 11 is built well and feels solid. It comes with the best LCD screen on the market though obviously pales in comparison to OLED screens.

The specs

The iPhone 11 is a heavy device and it is hard to grip and is difficult to use single handedly. Lightning port for charging is still a feature but with the right cable it is possible to charge the iPhone 11 with a USB-C. It is powered by Apple’s most recent A13 Bionic chip, 4GB of RAM and the minimum amount of storage is 64GB. Whilst the A13 chip is the fastest most powerful chip developed by Apple, it is no longer to tell any difference between the speed of this phone and previous models.


Apple says battery life has increased by an hour compared to the battery on the iPhone XR which had a battery life of 32 hours before needing a charge. During testing the new model actually made it 35 hours before needing a charge. It does take about four hours to charge from zero to one hundred per cent using the 5W charger Apple ships the device with.  If you want fast charging you will have to spend money and buy a better Lightning cable to USB-C and a USB-C charger.

The OS

iOS 13 does have a few new features, but on the whole continues to remain similar to the last two versions of the operating system and the big new feature is dark mode which switches the interface to predominantly white text on a dark background. There are new privacy features which allow for the silencing of spam and unknown callers. Apple also guarantees it will continue to support the software for at least five years in comparison to the three years that most other vendors promise.

The camera

The camera on the iPhone 11 has a dual 12-megapixel camera on the rear and comes with an ultra-wide camera with a standard camera and can zoom up to 5x which is okay but nowhere near as good as real optical zoom. The main camera is pretty good but ultra-wide is quite possibly the best in class and plenty of fun to play with. Portrait mode is also good and can be used on more than people. Night mode is the big improvement which allows the iPhone take excellent images in low-light conditions. The selfie camera could be improved but delivers decent images in good lighting conditions.

The verdict

The iPhone 11 is a fantastic smartphone that is not very exciting. Its design is now three years old and looks dated in a world where smartphones are now all-screen. It is also both heavy and large making single handed use difficult. It is a well-made device but it is not cheap. You do get the latest and greatest processor and a battery life that will take you well into day two, possibly three if used carefully. The camera is up there with the best of them and the ultra-wide-angle camera. If you swap the battery at some point you will probably get five years of life if careful. The iPhone 11 is basically an iPhone for people who just want a new device and don’t really care about smartphones.