Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review

Huawei Mate 30 Pro Review

Huawei last year launched its latest flagship device the Mate 30 Pro. Thanks to US sanctions the smartphone does not have official access to Google which means services like the Play Store Maps or Gmail will not come pre-installed. As is the case with previous iterations of the device, the Mate 30 Pro is cutting edge hardware that is both big and powerful. The camera is the best on the market and it has the longest battery life possible on a phone.

The specs

The Mate 30 Pro from Huawei has an enormous 40MP rear camera with a rear telephoto lens that delivers 3x optical zoom, and depth-sensing cameras including a dedicated lens for video capture and another for wide-angle. The OLED display is 6.53-inches and includes triple front-facing cameras. Huawei claims the 4500mAh battery is the biggest and will be able to survive two days on a single charge which included fast and wireless charging as well as wireless reverse charging.

The OS

Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro is the first phone by the company since it was banned by the United States from using Google licensed apps and services. This means that consumers that wish to purchase this device will have to come to terms with the fact the phone does not have immediate access to the Android ecosystem. The Mate 30 Pro is powered by EMUI10 which is a Huawei developed operating system based on the open source version of Android 1.0.

The ban

The device comes pre-installed with Huawei Mobile Services and which means the company’s own app store, browser and smart assistant. Google’s app store has as many as 60 times the number of apps which means Australians will not have access to most of the services they use daily. If you are an enthusiast however, it will not be an issue installing Google Serves Framework and the Play Store which is available freely on the internet.

Google soon

Whilst Huawei cannot advertise this fact to consumers, it is a way to bypass the regulation but it also means it will be difficult for Huawei to see this device in the Western world without Google support. Huawei’s consumer division CEO Richard Yu is well aware of the fact and has told journalists the company is able to push a software update that would re-install Google services “over on one night” should the United States lift the ban.

The verdict

There is a less expensive non-Pro version of the Mate 30 and a 5G enabled variant with both vegan leather and metallic finishes. Currently the company says it only has plans to sell the 4G Mate 30 Pro in Black or Sliver. If you are thinking of buying a new device and are a little tech savvy, then this is certainly worth considering. If you also think there is a trade deal in the works then it maybe worth taking a punt.