Galaxy Fold

Samsung Fixes Problems With Galaxy Fold 

Samsung may be preparing for the resurrection of its Galaxy Fold. According to news agencies, the Korean consumer electronics titan has solved the issues that resulted in the review units breaking ahead of the US$2,000 foldable device’s launch in April. As per the news reports, the company has apparently addressed the two big flaws that broke the device and ended up forcing the launch to be delayed indefinitely. 

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iPhone X gigabit LTE

Smartphone Usage In Australia Continues To Grow 

A new report indicates that nine out of every ten Australian consumers own smartphones and they are holding on to their phones for longer, consuming a greater amount of data and using their devices to stream video content on demand. Globally smartphones have penetrated every market and at an incredibly rapid clip.  

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iPhone X 2

Mobile Data Sharing Explained 

When it comes to relationships, there are plenty of big steps that can be taken. The biggest of them all after dropping the love bomb, moving in combing finances and getting engaged is without question the decision to share mobile data. Deciding to share your data with your better half is a big deal. You have trust your significant other won’t burn through your entire limit bingeing on Netflix on their way to work. You also have to respect their share of the data plan and you have to be forgiving if someone inevitably goes over the cap.  

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Mobile The Most Popular Way To Access The Internet For Majority Of Australians 

According to the latest data report on internet activity released by the ACCC, mobile devices remain the most common method of accessing the internet amongst Australian consumers. However, the largest volume of data continues to occur over fixed lines. The data report issued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for the year ending December 31 2018 all provides some revealing insights on the number of retail services in operation (SIOs) based on connection type amount of data transferred and download speed within Australia. 

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Note 7

The Best Australian Made Smartphone Apps 

Australian developed apps have never been more popular according to the latest research. In fact the country’s app economy has resulted in 136,000 jobs by January 2019 a 20 per cent increase from March 2017.  These apps are hugely popular globally and are being used in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. If you are interested in which apps developed in Australia, that are not just popular here, but all over the world here are a few. 

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Oppo R15 Pro Review

Why Dual SIM Phones Are Useful 

Until now Australian telecoms companies have not sold dual SIM smartphones and that is of course understandable. That has now changed with the launch of the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro which some companies are offering to their customers with an option for dual SIM. Many have chosen not to offer a dual SIM version and have stuck with only offering single SIM phones, but thankfully not all. 

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When To Buy A New Smartphone

Its Official Australians Love Their Smartphones 

It is no secret that smartphones are now considered an essential part of our daily lives. In fact, Australians think they are so important that 94 per cent refuse to leave home without their device according to a survey carried out by Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association. The survey polled 1,000 Australians at the beginning of the year and the results were quite interesting. 

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Google To Stop Supporting Flash

Two Alternatives To Fixed Line Broadband 

Are you tired of waiting for a fixed line broadband connection or is your current FTTN connection unreliable and letting you down? The good news is there is no need to settle. There are alternatives in the form of mobile broadband and home wireless broadband. Both options are powered by 4G networks but there are some subtle differences and, in both cases, there are plans with quite large data limits. Whilst for some the data limits may not be enough to do away with a fixed line connection, they represent a giant leap from the tiny allowances that used to be available for data-only mobile plans.  

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New Technology Developed To Deliver Wireless Gigabit Internet Access

Australian Home And Mobile Internet Speeds Getting Faster 

Australia is still not at the top of the league table when it comes to home broadband speeds. According to Ookla Speedtest which is the most popular online speed test, Australia is number 60 and had slower internet speeds than New Zealand, China and other countries that are less developed. In January Ookla found the average download speed was 33 megabits per second whilst the average household upload speed in Australia was 13Mbps. 

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No More Cracked Phone Screens

Australians Need To Start Recycling Their Old Smartphones 

It is always hard to say goodbye even when we are saying it to an old smartphone. Australians like people all over the world are holding on to their old phones for much longer instead of having them refurbished or recycled. This has consequences on the environment. Nearly half of Australians intend to recycle their devices but only one in ten actually follow through according to the latest research from MobileMunster which is a mobile phone recycling program accredited by the Australian Government. 

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