Australians Excited By 5G

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Australia was the third country in the world that rolled out 5G networks which is fifth generation mobile network technology and it appears as if the tech will be just as big a leap forward as 4G was when that was rolled out in 2011. Downloads using 5G networks are between ten to twenty times faster than 4G which makes it possible to download an entire movie in 5 seconds.

Better connectivity

5G networks also have the ability to support more devices simultaneously which means internet connectivity will not fail in crowded places like concerts. By the end of last year all the major cities and regional areas had 5G connectivity. According to research by OPPO, two-thirds of Australians believe that it is critical to have a 5G compatible device with 70 per cent thinking the tech ensures devices are future proof.

Increased capacity and speed

Australians are very excited by the increase in both capacity and speed promised by 5G networks with many people experiencing connectivity challenges such as delayed loading of content and video buffering. The decision to purchase a 5G compatible device however will depend on price with 75 per cent of Australians polled who purchase devices outright saying they are unwilling to spend more than $1,500 on a new phone. Michael Tran, OPPO Australia Managing Director says the technology will result in more innovation but should not have to cost an arm and a leg.

“There’s a lot of excitement around 5G at the moment, and rightly so. 5G will not only bring a new world of connectivity to Aussies, but will also open up the door for developers and companies to create innovative experiences and technologies,” Tran said.

“This is why OPPO has heavily invested in 5G, to bring these new innovations, experiences and features to Aussies. But, we want to stay true to our brand and make premium possible, not just for the few but for the many, and we’re really excited to share what we have in store later this week.” Mr Tran said