4G Customers Will Benefit From 5G Roll Out

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As Australia continues to roll out 5G networks, experts say there are unintended benefits for those who choose to hold on to their 4G devices based on what happened in South Korea. In the Asian country, there were plenty of early adopters who purchased 5G devices quickly. What ended up happening in that market was a boost in 4G network performance because heavy data users migrated from 4G networks to 5G. It is highly likely the same thing will happen in Australia and other markets around the world.

Impact on fixed line

5G networks will likely have some impact on the business model of fixed line broadband providers, particularly in areas that are underserved by those networks, though nationally they will remain unaffected. Some telecoms companies began the introduction of 5G wireless modems last year in parts of the country where they have established 5G towers. Customers are finding the cost is cheaper than fixed line broadband and is also faster.

Corporate customers are the focus

Other telecoms companies have taken a different approach and are eschewing fixed wireless used in many countries around the world. Instead they are choosing to focus on mobile solutions for their customers and to begin with intend to focus on the business market. 5G is obviously much faster and can hand more connections, so it will be able to do things 4G is not capable. Trials have already begun with corporate customers looking to capitalise on 5G future