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Australians Embrace The Idea Of Driverless Cars

Australians love the idea of the driverless car, but they want to inspect the vehicle first. According to the results of a national study undertaken by the Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI), Australians are pretty keen to get rid of the steering wheel. The survey polled over 5000 Australians aged 18 or over and the results indicate that the majority liked the idea of using a driverless car when they were tired or when driving was monotonous. Another reason for liking the idea was they could let the vehicle do the driving if they had consumed alcohol.

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WhatsApp Rolling Out New Features

Developers at WhatsApp continue to introduce new features and changes on a gradual basis to the wildly popular messaging app. Recently the app introduced improvements such as Live location sharing and after doing so revamped the interface for both video and audio calls. The new interface unifies it with the material design guidelines for the calling interface. If you are wondering why you haven’t seen it yet, this is because it is still under testing and is only available as a hidden feature in WhatsApp Beta for Android.

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Apple Files Patent That Makes Use Of Wi-Fi For Charging Your Phone

The future is closer than you think, in the coming years, charging your iPhone could be as simple as accessing a Wi-Fi signal. According to AppleInsider, Apple was recently granted a patent for a technology that has the ability to harness the wireless signals sent out by routers to charge mobile devices. The system would make use of the same frequencies we currently use to transfer data wirelessly and would give our phones a constant supply of power.

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Happy 15th Birthday Super Fast Broadband

New Payment Platform To Ensure Internet Publishers Get Paid For Content

It is no secret that most websites rely on advertising dollars, however ad blocking extensions are increasingly becoming more popular which means creators of content are losing out on what used to be a reliable revenue stream. The internet is fast evolving and if websites want to keep the lights on, they need to find new ways of bringing in cash.

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mobile security

Researchers Figure Out How To Unlock Smartphone Finger Print Readers

Are you worried about keeping your smartphone protected from prying eyes? Even the most basic phone security is not practised by many people and according to the results of a new study suggests that one of the most basic tools for keeping your device safe may not be as secure as you thought. Researchers from Michigan State University and New York University were able to exploit vulnerabilities of common fingerprints scanners.

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When To Buy A New Smartphone

Google Adds Free App Of The Week Section To Play Store

Google has made some updates to its Play Store and has added a new section that shows users a free app for the entire week. The apps the section will be featuring are all going to be premium apps that users have to purchase on regular days but for the period they appear in the new section, they will be free. According to the website Venture Beat, Google is keen to promote the usage of Android apps to more users so it is expanding its Play Store to include the new section for a weekly free app. This new feature is not simply limited to the smartphone but can also be accessed by desktop or other types of devices.

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New Technology Developed To Deliver Wireless Gigabit Internet Access

NASA To Use Lasers To Beam Superfast Internet Connectivity Between Earth And Space

NASA is looking to use laser beams to transmit data to and from the International Space Station at gigabit-rate-per-second by the year 2021. The technology is known as Laser Communications Relay Demonstration or LCRD and has the ability to become “the high-speed internet of the sky” says NASA. The technology basically encodes digital data packets into beams of light that are fired at the space station and transmitted back to Earth.

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India To Force Smartphone Manufacturers To Add Panic Button

In order to ensure women receive assistance in the event of an emergency, Indian authorities have declared that all new mobile devices sold in the country will have to feature a panic button which allows users to make emergency calls. The new rule is effective from 2017 and there is an additional regulation that all phones sold from 2018 will also have to have in-built GPS navigation. India’s telecom ministry says the new rules are designed to improve safety of women. Currently feature phones make use of the 5 and 9 keys for panic buttons. Smartphone manufacturers will either have to introduce a new button or add a feature in order to send emergency alerts.

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Smartphone Batteries Could Get More Powerful In The Future

New Battery Technology Could Allow You To Recharge Your Phone In Seconds

Soon you may be able to charge your smartphone within a few seconds. Scientists have been developing new flexible supercapacitors that can be recharged over 30,000 times before they start degrading. After about a year and a half the smartphones start to hold charge for less time and the battery starts to degrade. Scientists at the University of Central Florida have invented a new process to create super capacitors. This method could ultimately end up revolutionising technology from mobile phones to electric cars.

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Apple Reportedly Developing Revolutionary New Camera System For iPhone 8

Apparently Apple is working on a revolutionary new camera that will be included as part of the upcoming iPhone 8. The tech behemoth has registered a new patent that just might make this new feature a reality. The patent was spotted by none other than AppleInsider and came to Apple as part of its acquisition of PrimeSense in 2013. PrimeSense was the company that developed Xbox Kinect. According to the filing the technology uses computer vision to review digital images in real time to identify human faces and other targeted objects.

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