iPhone X gigabit LTE

Next Year’s iPhone Likely To Be Gigabit LTE Capable

So you have had a week to get used to the notch on the iPhone X, its now officially time to start talking about next year’s iPhone. Yeah you heard us, rumours about the 2018 model have already begun to swirl. According to a research note authored by KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo who by the way has an eerily good track record of predicting Apple developments. Mr Kuo reckons that he expects next year’s iPhone models to support gigabit LTE which would mean a significant increase in the iPhone’s upload and download speeds.

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smartphone batteries

Samsung Mobile Chief Says Foldable Smartphone To Be Released Next Year

The next smartphone you purchase may well have the ability to fold in half. That is if you believe what Samsung has to say. The Korean electronics giant recently announced its intention to release a foldable smartphone next year. In an interview with the Associated Press, Koh Dong-Jin who is president of Samsung Electronics mobile business said as head of the business, he could confirm that the company’s goal is 2018, adding that the company will need to overcome some problems first, though he has no doubt they will be able to launch a pro

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When To Buy A New Smartphone

Arianna Huffington Develops App To Help Us Turn Our Phones Off

Media mogul Arianna Huffington who has reinvented herself as a sleep crusader wants people to turn off their mobile devices. That is of course much easier said than done, but that is not going to deter Ms Huffington who has partnered with Samsung to develop an app that will help you develop the habit of turning your phone off.

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Nexus 5

Google Makes Some Major Changes To The Play Store

If you are a power Android user with a little bit of curiosity, then it is highly likely you would have already had some experience with Google Instant Apps which are available in a few places. However, there is one place where the Instant Apps feature has been conspicuously absent and that is in Google’s Play Store. Who wouldn’t want to test out an app first before they decide to commit to it? The good news is now you can.

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Galaxy note 5

Samsung Rumoured To Be Launching Foldable Smartphone Next Year

It is highly likely that the next smartphone you purchase will have the ability to fold in half. Recently Samsung made an announcement that it intended to launch a foldable phone as early next year. Samsung Electronics president of mobile business Koh Dong-jin in an interview with the Associated Press said as head of his business unit the current goal for the release of such a device is 2018. He did however admit that the company had to overcome some issues first but is extremely optimistic that the company had the chops to do so.

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google phone assistant

Google Working On A Smart Hub Screen To Compete With Amazon

According to multiple sources, Google is working on building a table-top smart screen for video calling as well as a variety of other tasks that will act as a direct competitor to Amazon’s Echo Show. The device is meant to help keep Google in the race for domination of the smart-home market which is intensifying after Amazon unveiled a whole range of new Echo devices and Facebook is rumoured to be working on its own video calling screen called “Aloha”.

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WhatsApp Adds New Features For Users

WhatsApp the popular instant messaging mobile app has added a couple of new features to its platform. The app now supports picture-in-picture as well as allows users to have text as their status message.  The app has been upgraded for both Android and iOS and the features are part the app’s continuing commitment to improve its functionality for its massive user base.

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Cortana Digital Assistant

BBC To Launch Interactive Stories On Connected Devices

If you own a smart speaker then it is likely that your conversations with it are likely to become a whole lot stranger thanks to the BBC. The UK broadcaster is entering head first into the world of Google Home and Amazon Echo, however news is definitely not on the agenda. The BBC intends to launch an interactive sci-fi drama that allows its listeners to play along with whilst they are at home. The BBC says the project is a collaboration with Rosina Sound and draws its inspiration from the works of Douglas Adams and Franz Kafka.

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Three Android Apps We Can’t Live Without

Android 8.0 To Be Rolled Out Shortly

The next version of Android has been dubbed Oreo and will be rolled out to smartphones and tablets in the very near future. Google recently announced that it has already pushed out the final version of Android 8.0 to the Android Open Source Project. If you are not sure what this means, Android Open Source Project is the underlying software that is loaded on Android powered smartphones and other devices that manufacturers use to build on.

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Facebook Successfully Tests Drone Capable Of Delivering Internet Access Globally

A Facebook backed solar powered drone that has been designed to perhaps one day deliver internet access globally has successfully finished a test flight in Arizona after a previous attempt ended with a crash landing. Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook has a long-term plan for the for the drone named Aquilla which is for it and other drones like it to deliver internet access to the 4 billion people around the world who don’t have access to the internet.

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